With no understanding if people watch Youtube videos from my blog (can’t at work, too small on a phone), I bring you some memorable moments of sports.


Larry Merchant Post-Fight Interview with Floyd Mayweather
I don’t know how you win a fight in this manner but Larry Merchant is wonderful in this interview. Larry’s like, “I’m not leaving this interview without Floyd admitting it’s a cheap shot.”

Reggie Miller Fights Michael Jordan
Can someone please comment about MJ’s sick block! Such weak punches though.

Nolan Ryan Headlocks Robin Ventura
I like how Ventura isn’t sure if he’s going to charge, decides it’s a good idea, then instantly realizes it was a bad idea when Nolan moves forward instead of backward.

1985 Superbowl Shuffle
The degree of seriousness that was taken when making this is what makes this clip. #4 dancing at 2:31 is a white person dancing.

Ron Artest Elbows James Harden
What a ridiculous move. I wasn’t sure to go with this one or the brawl.

Kelly Kulick Wins Mens PBA Tournament of Champions
The only female winner of a Male bowling championship. Nice Chris Barnes.