You can fall.  Period.

You can fall. Period.

I’ve learned through Facebook Ads that titles have to appeal to everyone. If this link gets published on my Twitter and Facebook feeds and reads, “Why I think Perfect Dark was better than Goldeneye”, my list of potential readers is Sam, Evan and Alex. If I title it, why I like living, now 100% of people could potentially have an interest.

It’s not fair to make a catchy title and then go off topic so I’m actually going to create a list of reasons why I’m happy to be alive during 2015. This post was inspired after hearing JC tell me that he’s going to take the next year and become a “technology whiz”. This got me thinking that it’s mere chance that you are born in a particular time frame and some are better than others.

Here are my reasons for being in my prime during 2015:

  • This device I'm talking into is bigger than my head.

    This device I’m talking into is bigger than my head.

    Your phone can take picture and video of anything, anytime.  I have the ability to share my experiences with anyone who has interest instantly.  Only 20 years ago this capability wasn’t available and you’d have to take a picture, get the film developed, then mail it to a friend.  Now it takes literally less than a minute to share digital images and video.  Sharing information leads to the discovery of more cool shit.

  • Let me grab the book, it'll only take a mi...hour.

    Let me grab the book, it’ll only take a mi…hour.

    Information is at your fingertips.  If I wanted to get information in 1980 I’d have to visit my library, use the Dewey Decimal System / Card Catalog and them leaf through a book finding the information.  Now there is Google.  I can’t think of a more powerful means of access than to information.  Google makes people smarter.  Smarter people lead to the discovery of more cool shit.

  • Hyperloop

    Derails aren’t a big deal because the train just takes flight.

    Transportation is insane.  Are you aware that Elon Musk wants to build a high speed transport that goes 700 mph called the hyperloop?  A train that goes 700mph?!?!  Cars are just as crazy.  Do you realize how relaxed you are to be sitting in a vehicle traveling 80mph, switching the radio, and tweeting at the same time?  You’re just sitting in a seat while the world flies by you.  It’s head spinning.  Let’s not even start on airplanes.  The ability of cheap transport is universally appealing because travel allows more people to interact.  The more people sharing different ideas leads to the discovery or more cool shit.

This guy gets it.

This guy gets it.

I don’t think I need paragraphs on Wawa Coffee, Banshee (yes Weens I did like this show but would have actually put Silicon Valley if I was being current), fantasy sports, and more craft beers than you can count.    Life is good.  I know there are poor people out there who have a tough time in life and it probably sucks not to be privileged.  However, one purpose of my life is to give back if I can ever make it myself.  For that to happen I need to start wielding some influence.  Oh well.  Maybe next life.