bradyYahoo! has a good article on deflategate.  The report targets 3 people:

“Based on the evidence, we also have concluded that it is more probable than not that Tom Brady was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities of [Jim] McNally and [John] Jastremski involving the release of air from Patriots game balls,” the report said.

Belicheck and Kraft are out of the loop and it is all coming down on these 3 individuals.  WHEW!!!!  Kraft can make comments that no hard evidence was found and it’s futile to fight the league but talk about a relief.  Your untouchable QB is being targeted and 2 expendable equipment personnel.  10/10.

originalPunishments haven’t been handed out yet but what’s the worst that can happen?  Brady gets a 2 game suspension and the Pats start the season 0-2?  Is the league really going to suspend the star QB for the entire season?  I don’t see that happening.

I also suspect that after reviewing the report Brady was 100% aware of what was being done.  Read this:

Deflated-NFL-FootballMcNally took the game balls into a bathroom before the AFC championship game, locked the door and remained in there for approximately one minute and 40 seconds. He apparently took the game balls in a breach of standard pregame procedure, the report said. Referee Walt Anderson said it was “the first time in Anderson’s nineteen years as an NFL official that he could not locate the game balls at the start of a game,” according to the report.

19 YEARS as an official!  They did it.  They freaking did.  What are the chances that all of their balls were deflated compared to 0 of the Colts balls?  Brady even had text correspondence saying that he was upset with the air pressure in the balls during a previous game.  He’s aware of the issue and knows the type of football that gives him the better chance to win.   Win / Win for the Pats here.  Slimy bastards though.