twitter-jokesLearning how to engage an audience on Twitter wields power. Having people pay attention to what you do is more valuable than a great idea. For example, if your great idea would help millions of people but you’re the only person who knows about it, it’s practically useless.

Since Twitter now lets you see the analytics of your tweets, it’s helpful in knowing what works and what doesn’t. Some examples from tweets I’ve had and what to take out of them.

  • My best tweet with regards to impressions and engagement.  Notice the @ the person and her big boobs.  It was shown 190 times and clicked 40.  The description also makes people question it.

    • A tweet seen by 6 people.  I tried to send it Wawa’s way using the @ but obviously it gets lost in hundreds or thousands of people tweeting @wawa.  The tone of the tweet obviously was a mistake but it hardly matters because no one read it anyway.
  • This Tweet was impressed 1,000 times with an 8% engagement. Notice the double @ sign and the eye catching nature of Hayden. It even got a reply saying she looks like a normal pregnant woman. This used the # instead of the @ which is still up in the air which is favorable.


How to Tweet

The other aspect to realize is that I have 54 followers. People who are able to get thousands of followers due to publicity or self promotion have a huge advantage. If Justin Bieber tweeted that about Wawa it would get a 1,000 re-tweets. My opinion has zero influence.

  • Tweets should use the @ or # multiple times in a tweet.  It gets viewed by more people when the tweet gets categorized.
  • Using the @ sign should not be done to lead the tweet.  It should be used as a substitute to the category or person.  For example, that guy @tomstortz is the man.
  • The # should be used at the end of the tweet and 2-3 categories per tweet.
  • Boobs or odd ball pictures get clicks.
  • Unless you reply to a tweet within the first few minutes, its potential to get re-tweeted goes down exponentially as time continues.