I haven’t posted anything about gambling or my fantasy football teams in a while so it seems like the appropriate time.  I’m in works on a post that will be targeted at females instead of 99% of my posts at males.  I have no idea on the ETA but it has potential.  Until then, onward.

fantasy-football-team-embarassesment3 out of my 4 fantasy teams will make the fantasy playoffs.  I’ve invested $300 dollars into leagues and am only out of one $25 dollar league which is fine by me.  In the league i did not make the playoffs I drafted Toby Ger-tard in the 4th round and Colston in the 5th.  A-Pete was the first round pick. which completely derailed the team.


Don’t fuck with a Wild Turkey

I was able to make the playoffs in another league while drafting A-Pete and that was from solid pick ups like Odell, J Hill (sorry Bud), and Denard Robinson.  Aside from M Ryan, who I can pick up anyone from the waiver wire to do better, the team is stacked.  They rock A Foster, F Jackson, and Gronk to go along with the waiver wire pick ups..

One team is going to need some incredible luck to win.  I drafted Dez and Demarius with my first 2 picks which actually worked out well.  I have Jennings and Denard as my RB’s though and not a lot of depth.  Julius Thomas is the only other player surrounded by Colston, Kelce, and Kenny Britt.

My best chance has Stafford, Lacy, Denard, M Evans, M Wallace, K Benjamin, and Gronk.  Notice the rookie receivers drafted was huge.  Montee Ball was a 2nd round pick which was nice to be able to advance from.

fantasy-football-memeMy gambling days ran out last week when I blew my wad betting over my head.  This was still Billy Horschel money so it’s not like I’m diving into my bank account but it still sucks to lose.   I also can’t win through Fanduel as I put up decent numbers but it’s never enough.  I’m probably down about 400 which is more than I’d like to lose but it’s over a 3 month period and I enjoy watching every game because of it.  I’m sure I’ll throw some action on some Thanksgiving games but the bottom line is I’m a loser.  Good luck to you all.