This is kind of a retarded post but I would like to give a few directions on how to move over a keyboard efficiently. What Ms. Defranco taught in keyboarding class in 7th grade was probably one of the most important classes you could have taken in your entire life. Learning the home row (if you don’t use the home row I can’t imagine you being efficient) and figuring out how to type without looking at the keys puts you notches above anyone who doesn’t use this method. This is extremely critical when it comes to data entry because you don’t want some slow-mo pecking away the keys wasting time on data entry when they should be doing more productive things. For my one friend who sends thousands of emails, don’t you think it would be wise to invest in a typing class so instead of the hours of emails you do, the time might be cut in half. Everyone always thinks that they are the fastest typist they have ever seen which goes along with the self inflating most people do to make themselves feel good. I watched my accountant work the number pad and until you watch this guy work the keys, you aren’t even close. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that most people probably type numbers with the keypad above the letters. Anyone who works with data entry and inputting prices all the time should have learned to use the keypad on the right. 3 fingers on 4,5,6 and work it around. I’m not the best person with a keyboard and I backspace a shit ton but being proficient is a major quality to have in the workforce. I’m not belittling you either if you don’t type right, it’s just something that I come across from time to time.

*Segway. I have fallen into a vortex of like behavior. I have just gotten tired. The looking forward to what is driving me down. There’s no off days like there were in school to look forward to. Exciting things for me are reading financial books, watching stocks, and playing poker, all of which can lead you into an insane asylum if you let them take over your life. I write this all the time but even if I had a ton of money I don’t even know what I’d change. It sounds great to say that I would party every night but I think I’m wearing down. I think I was awake all of 7 hours on Sunday. Woke up at 1, went to get some food and past out till 5. Plus I told some girl she was stupid which I would never say if I was sober. I’m just floundering around with no real purpose. I get caught up in the day to day and don’t step back to look at the big picture sometimes. Even when I do, I’m not sure what to look for.