Good series and movies should be forced to end once they have decreased in quality and start to bring down the name.  It’s commonplace for execs to try to squeeze every last penny out of an idea because it is so difficult to have something become a mega hit.  Fans are much more realistic at pinpointing when enough is enough.  The Wire and Breaking Bad are good examples of TV series called off at the right time.  Soprano’s and Dexter are examples of series running too long.  Lord of the Rings and Star Wars are great examples of high quality trilogy’s that should have stayed as trilogy’s.  Hangover and Austin Powers are good examples of movies that just kept getting worse.  Here are a few upcoming bad ideas.


24 – Live Another Day

24-LIVE-ANOTHER-DAYJack is back.  24 is an incredible idea for a show.  Have one super character play out an hour per episode of one action packed day.  I was hooked the first time I started to watch the show.  Jack saving the city from nuclear weapons and from viruses was compelling because it had never been done like that before.  As the seasons dragged on, there were 8, the reasons Jack was saving the world got weaker and weaker.

Character development also took a hit.  I always found it odd when Jack would have romantic relationships with characters in the show because there is no way a human being like him could carry a relationship.  Plus who could forget Nina and Tony Almeida.  I never liked how CTU seemed to always have a mole roaming around which got incredibly old after while.

The idea of creating a new Jack is bad.  He’s already a Chuck Norris like figure, just let him fade off into the sunset.  No one likes Chloe and the whole series is already watered down at this point.  Lay it to rest.  Fox just picks a new location and will let Jack run loose killing bad guys with outrageous weapons.  I’ll probably watch it anyway and make fun it the entire time.  This show jumped the shark when Kim got attacked by the mountain lion.


22 Jump Street

22_jump_street_movie_poster_1Huh?  The first movie wasn’t that great, why make a sequel?  The first half of the movie was entertaining and the next hour completely sucked.  Very similar to This is the End which I can only hope a This is the End 2 doesn’t come along.  I’m not sure how movies like this get made.  I’m even more surprised that they pick up 4 stars on the Comcast review.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum aren’t bad but the movie is guaranteed to have no plot.  It’s a straight up comedy that is going to suck and try way too hard.  Trying too hard is the worst type of comedy.  I’m sure there fun to make and people will pay money to see it because of the name, but the movie is going to be worse than the first one and that’s saying a lot.  Think Anchorman 2.


Star Wars: Episode VII

1382702206_wallpaper-1728835Why is this being created after the disasters that were 1-3?   Disney brings back the original cast, who are all wearing depends at this point, and decides to make an episode 7 to follow up the originals.  Nothing good can come out of this.  JJ Abrams has to be the biggest moron on the planet to undertake this challenge.  Now obviously he is getting paid handsomely but there is no way the Star Wars geeks are going to gravitate to an updated Star Wars.  People don’t like change.  They like the idea of Star Wars and what it meant to them 30 years ago.  New is bad in this case.  I’m flabbergasted that the original cast wants to undertake this project.  I hope the project gets annihilated by the Deathstar.  This atrocity is set to open on December 18th, 2015.

New Star Wars Cast

New Star Wars Cast