Philip Seymour HoffmanReuters – Four people were arrested on Tuesday in connection with drugs found at the home of film star Philip Seymour Hoffman following his death of an apparent heroin overdose, the New York Daily News reported, citing unidentified police sources.


Killing A Celebrity

So you’re a heroin dealer in a part of Chinatown in New York City playing your Playstation when when cops bust down your door because the heroin you sold just happened to kill someone famous.  The cops found 350 bags of heroin during the inspection of the apartment.  It’s safe to say that the life of Philip Seymour Hoffman wasn’t the only person’s life you’ve ruined.

In a branding move by these heroin dealers, each bag had the label “Ace of Spades” or with an ace of hearts.  The bags collected at the apartment didn’t have this branding which seems kind of strange how they found this particular set of people.  Either way, this has to be a drug dealers nightmare and this incident should be the underlying theme why drug dealers are always living on edge.  Normally you are just ruining common people’s lives and don’t get caught, but when your drugs kill someone famous, you better run for the hills.

Common death from Heroin is the drug stops your body from breathing

Common death from Heroin is the drug stops your body from breathing

It’s not like the drug dealers know who the drugs go to a lot of the time.  I’d be surprised if the guys in that apartment knew Philip Seymour Hoffman. They probably sell a larger quantity to one of their boys and they distribute like Badger and Skinny Pete.  I can’t imagine though you live any day as a drug dealer without any paranoia because you know what you are doing is wrong.  Especially when the drug is heroin.  Please watch the video below because even though I’ve never done heroin, it explains what it’s like in perfect format.  I probably wouldn’t have made this post at all if it wasn’t for sharing this video.