Philly Bar Crawl 12/26/13


I joined a Philly bar crawl tonight an hour and a half in. I met up at bar 7 of 13 and missed the bright spot at Ladder 15 but was met with a whirlwind of flames at Nodding Head which is not a gay bar. I thought the name signified this but was mistaken. The beer selection was average and overpriced. For $5.50 ,I drank a 5.5% Tannenbaum which I’d rate as decent. The other beer choices I wasn’t even considering because they contained fruit and desserts. Which after writing that last sentence makes it sound like a gay bar. People were a tad drunker than I was but that’s somewhat of a rarity for me. I’m used to being there at the open and by the middle I’m the one falling over. This time I used a different strategy that involved getting there late which worked somewhat admirably as I was able to make some decent observations.


After 3 (Royal) Tannenbaums (a joke I was ready to use but couldn’t find the right time) at Nodding Head we traveled to Time. The Green Flash costs $6.50 but contains about 7% in a pint glass and is quite satisfying. At Time, there were two pilots who fly for Fed Ex and go from Philly to Germany on a regular basis who may be American contacts while I’m in Germany. They were interesting but talking to two random bros at a bar crawl is not a good look. I had 2 Green Flashes and a Jameson and Ginger as alcohol consumption. After Time was Bar and people were starting to get drunker. Bar missed the target because they try to serve good beer out of a can. It’s an OK idea but the beer just tastes better cold and out of a glass. So the 12oz $4 Red Betty IPA tastes worse than a $4 16oz Lager at a good bar. It was decent and the people controlled the jukebox which lead to hit or miss. Van Morrison was popular and there was a song playing that I can’t identify but have heard before.

At this point people were scattering and I had a decision to make. Was I going to sit there and keep drinking to fit in with people I’ve never met before or go home. I walked to City Hall, clicked a picture of City Hall (to the right), and went home. The taxi driver who drove me home was from Nigeria and saying how passionate he was about being a taxi driver. I asked him what he would do if he wasn’t a taxi driver and he didn’t have a good answer. Good intentions, hard world.

Below are some females talked to throughout the night and my honest opinion.

Elisha Cuthbert
Girl 1– 9-12th grade teacher. Very attractive and the students must not be able to pay attention. Teaches the Philly school district. Kept trying to yank out her phone after 3+ minutes. Wasn’t into drinking (smart). Asked what I did.
Girl 2 – Defense job. Pretty, athletic. Didn’t offer much. Ready to leave. Did ask what I did.
Girl 3 – Used government words. Cute. Easy to talk to. Wasn’t into drinking.
Girl 4 – Fun loving. Gullible. Extremely nice. Boys 2 Men Fan.

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Enjoying my last few responsibility free years left.

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Enjoying my last few responsibility free years left.

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