This title is a tad misleading because not everything this past month was easy peazy. I spent the last 27 days living where I grew up in Upper Dublin and as I’ve wrote in other posts, it has its good and bad parts. The hour long commute to the city is enough to make anyone lose their mind. Constant traffic jams and being on the road for that amount of time made me tired throughout the day and it was difficult to feel productive. Other than this though, the idea of suburban living is attractive.

The quiet atmosphere is something that is desirable but not what I’m looking for currently. There’s not enough going on and it’s easy to fall into a rut. I was able to go on more runs which were enjoyable because I didn’t have to worry about avoiding traffic every street. I’m down to 175 and if I can hit 170, I’ll be in good shape for the 10k in November. Seeing the stars at night is also something that is missed out on when you’re in the city. I did sleep in the living room for a month but I’m like a chameleon and can adapt to any situation. It’ll be nice to get my own place.

I settle today on the house I bought and we are going to go through the move in process tomorrow. It’s an older home so it’s going to take some of my extinguishing cash to fix up but I look at is as a fun project opposed to a chore. I can also finally feel like I have a place of residence instead of always renting and never feeling like I was permanent. It’s a nice feeling to have and as I look back on my 20’s I wish I would have done more owning and less renting. Live and learn. I’ll probably update the blog with pictures of the new place when the move in is finished but this day marks the start of another period of time.