I’ll upload some pictures of the new place when I get some time but I’ve been busy putting shit where it needs to go and I’m still far from settled. The biggest inconvenience is that the stairs are spiraled and extremely tights so moving things up them is problematic. This has left me desk and bureau-less so my items are strewn across the house. My mom and sister were very helpful with the move yesterday as everything went to plan. I made a mistake though playing in my football game though as I aggravated my knee and it is causing much discomfort. It seems to be sprained or bruised and even walking isn’t easy. This has left me paralyzed in moving things around. Nevertheless, I’ve been doing my best to get everything situated.

I have plenty of work to do on the place and I know that it’s going to cost quite a few sheckles so I’m already preparing. New floor in the kitchen and bathrooms, re-finishing the original floors, new windows, new water heater, new garbage disposal, and the list goes on. Fortunately I don’t have to do it all at once and I’m able to live somewhat properly as is. A new TV to mount in the living room and a desk are top priority for me item wise. I’m also pretty busy this next week due to a roofing show and Ck4’s wedding which leaves little time to get things done. Still, it’s a pretty fun and exciting time so I’ll blog accordingly.