If you’ve read my blog you’d know that I have a very big picture outlook. Meaning I look at Earth as a tiny spec in the universe and myself as one of 6 billion. With that understanding, and those are facts, I view human beings as machines. Everyone is just a complex, robotic machine. We aren’t like robots because we can think, feel, communicate, and actively live our own lives however we want. We have an unbelievable freedom to choose how we want to live our lives. This brings me to the topic of this post, how you oil your machine.

Your body is obviously your means of transportation and functionality. It’s like a computer in the sense that if you spill liquid on your hard drive, you’ll fry it and it won’t act properly. Your body reacts to everything that you put into it and how you treat it. After 29 years on Earth, you start to develop some common sense about how to treat your body. Alcohol and drugs will slow you down. Lack of exercise will make you unhealthy. Not keeping your brain active will make you stupid. So now that we know that these are keys to keeping a well run machine, why do we want to?

This is one of the hardest questions to answers. On Friday night I was a bit buzzed and was having a conversation with a girl who got me tongue tied. I’m not a wizard at small talk so I just went straight into my spiel of her occupation and what’s important to her. She was some sort of nurse and helping people yada yada. I don’t just ask these questions for conversation but also to judge whether this girl and I would be compatible. So she’s digging the conversation and reverses the conversation on me which is a brilliant move that 9 out 10 girls are too self absorbed to pull and I was caught off guard. I responded with the job and all the other things I’ve recited 100 times in my life and then she asked me “what do you really want to do?” I was stumped and immediately gave her the “I’m getting a drink” and walked away.

What does that interaction have to do with anything? Your well oiled machined should be bringing you closer to the answer to that question that I couldn’t answer. Alcohol and drugs just make it harder for you. It just delays and prevents. Feeling good, thinking smart, being productive, and working out are all outputs of your well oiled machine. My feeling is that when you are 100% sober, eating healthy, and exercising, you’ll have your best chance at success. Now everyone’s measure of success differs but I believe that a clean mental state makes your path easier. It takes hard work to create luck is a quote by someone famous and should explain why needing to be at your best gives you your best shot.

I’m going to make this paragraph short and sweet. My well oiled machine is lubricated with alcohol. What I just wrote are words that a small percent of the population live by. I also find that what I wrote is also the most boring, plain way to go through life. That doesn’t mean it’s not fulfilling, it just means there is no spice. One of my other beliefs in life is to live it. YOLO if you will. We know we are a tiny peon and spending your time working for the man sucks because it’s just brick by boring brick (thank you Hayley) day after day. If you don’t ever incorporate this “fun” into your life you’re doing yourself a disservice. This post is just to open your mind and realize that your life isn’t the epicenter of the universe. Frankly no one gives a flying fuck about anything you do and your existence is small. Small is even too big of a word. The goal needs to be happiness and enjoying the ride by whatever means you deem correct. Be aware and control the pitfalls. Feel good living. Bypass my losers mentality posts and be a winner. Kick life’s ass because no one is going to kick it for you. The one thing I’ve learned is no one, and I seriously mean no one, is going to do it for you. There might be help along the way but for the most part you’re on your own. I write these posts to remind myself of these feelings because I my mental state isn’t always like this. This post comes from a clear headed, healthy TC.