W is a letter that is sort of forgotten about. It’s at the end of the alphabet, there are less W words and it’s just an ugly character. That doesn’t mean that its words are any less effective. Here are a few of my favorite 4 letter W words. Why 4 letters? Because that’s what makes this post the perfect length for the amount of words that I can think of. Word.

Weak – The opposite of strong. Strength is power and things that have power are looked highly upon. Therefore, the opposite of strong carries the same weight but just negatively. Kwame Brown’s game is weak. That beer bong you did was weak. The talent here is weak. With what you see on a daily basis, this word could be used continuously.

Wise – A totally underused word. Sadly this is because this planet is full of retards. You rarely get the chance to use this word nowadays. The bible even has a tale using this exact word to describe 3 magical men. Let’s not forget about the awesome shot consisting of Johnnie, Jack and Jim called the 3 wise men. Complementing someone and telling them that they are wise can rarely be sensed as sarcastic.

Well – The complete classic of a word to describe how you are doing. I’m not sure the exact proper grammar of when to use well and good but I’m pretty sure you just always say “I’m doing well”. You can fall down a wishing well. You can order food well done. You can know people well. You can be well off. Tons of expressions can use this word. Plus it makes you sounds way smarter than you are.

Wimp & Wuss – Great insults that no one wants to be called. When I hear wuss I just think of a really scrawny, pathetic, doofus. Like a guy who can do 1 pushup or who cries from getting a bee sting. The epitome of someone you don’t want on a team. A wimp is just a pure weakling. Glass Joe comes to mind or Mincus from Boy Meets World. Forgotten about insults. I feel like I heard them more growing up than I do now.