I’ve read and watched some interesting things lately. One being Dennis Rodman’s interview in the Rolling Stone from 1996. I found that it gave an insightful look into Rodman who is a weird dude for lack of a better term. Some random tidbits, I didn’t know he had a relationship with Madonna or that he is a big fan of Pearl Jam and 80’s metal bands. He wrote that Madonna said that “she wants to keep every last drop of cum inside of her and have his baby.” I got the feeling that just you and him could be in a room together and he’d feel perfectly comfortable in silence. His dad also fathered 28 children and moved to Morocco (or something like that). Dennis said he should go for the record.

I also watched a documentary on the life of Peter Gatien called Limelight on Showtime. He was the owner of 4 of the most popular New York night clubs in the 70’s, 80’s and throughout the 90’s. This was during the days when ecstasy was at its infancy and rave parties were all the rage. He was busted for his night clubs being “drug supermarkets” but acquitted of all charges when the Government witnesses failed to give credible testimonies of Gatien ever being aware or involved in this illegal activity. They then went after him for tax evasion and basically made it impossible for his clubs to succeed. He was then deported back to Canada. This was the story of a guy who lost an eye as a young man, got a $13,000 dollar settlement, and basically grew a nightclub empire before being taken down by our US gov’t. The story they told made is seem completely unjust and unfair.

The final thing I watched was another documentary called “In Pot We Trust.” It detailed the lives of various individuals who had been cleared to use Marijuana medicinally. Some story lines were that of a lobbyist trying to get a medical marijuana bill passed amongst representatives of congress and a DEA agent going on raids. There were two stories I was shocked at. The one girl had cerebral palsy and stuttered like mofo but after smoking pot she was able to talk properly. It was unbelievable. The other story of the DEA agent showed me something I could never even think of. He said that if a normal person saw 4-5 shades of green, he would see 40-50. This would allow him to spot Marijuana plants from a helicopter easier than most. This just blew my mind because his physical attributes make him better at spotting plants than me just because he can see more colors. Where does this ever end? Maybe people can see 10 miles deep or hold their breath for an hour. Are there any limitations to what humans can become? And for those wondering my stance on the legality of pot? I don’t believe people are more functional on pot and I believe legalizing would be detrimental to society. That being said, I would still vote for it.

I’m also reading a biography on Springsteen.