The one nice thing about life is that things can change rather quickly. After the most recent betting loss which cost me my bovada account (I must add that I only lost 200 dollars in 13 weeks of betting), I put 100 dollars in FanDuel which allowed me to win back about 170 dollars assuming RG3 goes for less than 30 and if Eli goes for less than 11, I’ll win even more. The extreme plus side though was that my fantasy team put up a monster week in Evan’s league and will slide me into the playoffs for the 3rd consecutive year stamping my place on the league. Not to mention all of my players getting hot at the ideal time. I also mustered up a win in the yahoo pro league which has me right in the playoff hunt for the 4th spot with a sick team (Peyton, Percy, Demaryius, Dez, and a slew of backs in Murray, McFadden, Reece, Spiller). I have a chance of making the playoffs in 3 of 4 leagues which I would certainly take at the beginning of the season. So all that mumbo jumbo of losing can get wiped off pretty quickly and I’m not one who can be kept down. Especially now that all my physical sports are out of the way.

I’m sure people read this and shake their heads about the kind of money I write about winning and losing but you’re gonna have to trust me that I will never bet with money that I can’t afford to lose. I would say that I probably have a propensity towards betting but I wouldn’t say it’s a significant problem. I want to add though why I can make such a statement. After that last post and my recent downturn, I was asked to go to AC for the night. As I considered this I asked myself what I was getting myself into. AC surely is a 3am night with gambling involved that I would say losing occurs 75% of the time. This would have made me feel like shit on Sunday and continued my ill feelings towards everything. I declined this invite and had a Sunday Funday, ran 5 nice miles today, and generally feel good about things. As a human being it’s important to try to make proper decisions to put yourself in the right place. When I go to the Sugarhouse at 3am on Friday night, this is one of those bad decisions where you are asking for trouble. By somehow evading these spots, you can make improvements.

A good week of blogging should follow.