I’ve been in a whirlwind of losing and it’s starting to take its toll on me. This feeling basically makes you want to not do anything. It’s a paralyzing effect. I’m going to bring everyone into this world with a quick update on losing.

I’d say that this feeling started during the 5k Gobble Wobble and my 17:57 which was about 57 seconds slower than “my goal”. Perhaps this 17 minute mark was an unrealistic goal but I was going to the gym fairly regularly and was actually trying to get my time down. So being a minute off is pretty much not even close and that’s when this downward spiral started. I then lost 200 bucks playing poker a few days later by showing down the 2nd best hand with high frequency. A couple days later Jeff whooped me in ping pong 6 of 7 games. The next tragedy occurred when our basketball team lost to a bunch of scrubs and it hurts for me to even elaborate on this sporting event. I followed up the basketball loss with a 300 dollar drunk blackjack session loss on Friday night. Next came the defeat of our football team in a winnable game but cost us “the championship.” Finally, in a rash move I read a predictem article on why FSU would cover, so I put 200 bucks on a last ditch effort to try to right the wrong and obviously I probably wouldn’t be mentioning it if it didn’t fit the theme.

This brings me to today and fantasy football implications looming. I have high hopes but the way things have been going I’m certainly not brimming with full blown confidence. It’s hard to explain how I’ve somehow gotten so proficient at losing but it’s starting to feel like a cloud around me. I know that life throws ups and downs at you and it’s important to be emotionally stable during the downturns. It makes you want to stop everything and just sit still until the storm passes but I think staying positive and active might be a better approach. With that being said I’m going to keep my head up and work through this shit storm. This too shall pass.