Bowling was done the right way last night. We bought 2 hours for 13 dollars and rolled a total of 6 games each. 3 people is the magic number for bowling as it was the right amount of break time between each roll. A will also add that there were some pretty impressive scores last night. I had a 193 in the 2nd game which was actually the low, high score of the night. The Shee rolled a 194 the game after and we were both trounced by Jaweems who had 2 200+ games out of the first 3 but did somehow manage a 97 in his 6th game. I even started bowling better towards the end with a few adjustments and closed out with a 170. I would even go so far to say that since the lanes were fairly open, we could make this a weekly endeavor for any of my blog readers who’d like to participate.