Play – The game is slow. Stand in the field and wait to see if someone hits the ball to you. Hitting requires you to wait through at least 8 batters. Lots of waiting and not a lot of doing. Little physical strength is necessary. Extreme pressure placed on the individual. Bill Buckner knows what I’m talking about.

Watch – Painfully slow. 162 games makes the players tired of playing. Since it’s always on in season, it gives people something to do which I think is it’s biggest allure.

Play – Pick up games can make for decent basketball. Everyone can get involved because there are the right amount of people on the court. You can be a good role player even if you aren’t good at offense. Requires a decent amount of endurance which keeps the heart rate up.

Watch – The NBA has gotten pretty lame. The players play when they want to and you can tell that they don’t give it their all during the regular season. Watching the Sixers shows how teams can really D up and produce low scoring games. Where is that defensive effort during the season? College bball is fun to watch because they are giving 100% every game.

Play – Fun to play but relatively hard to get games. Getting a good amount of people together who all want to play football doesn’t seem to happen all that often. A good QB is essential to having a good football teams. A bunch of average joes can’t have a good football game without a Q. Physical ability and speed come into play as it is easy to expose your defender if you are a superior athlete.

Watch – Easily the best professional sport & collegiate sport to watch. Fast paced. Big hits. Action packed. Fantasy stats are also making the game more exciting. The best sport to bet on as well.

Hockey & Soccer
Play – Nope.
Watch – Nope.