When you get older, a secret is non existent. If I ever have personal information that I share with someone and I say “don’t tell anyone,” I fully expect them to tell someone. I’m the clown if I think that my secret is safe with anyone. Here’s an obvious point, if you don’t want to everyone to know something, DON’T TELL ANYONE!

I’ll explain my attitude towards information. Information gets funneled through my brain and I categorize it in my non important or important segments. 99% of information thrown my way is useless. Person A banged person B and person C can’t know about it. Assuming I’m person D, person C will find out. This isn’t because I’m going to actively tell person C but just the fact that you are telling me is problematic. The more people who find out about information, the faster it spreads. That’s why I find it hilarious when people say “don’t tell anyone.” By telling me you are starting the chain. Now consider how important I deem information and you see why things don’t stay secrets. People are naive if they think otherwise. Just a friendly reminder.