Last night Laura and I had dinner at a nice restaurant in the Rittenhouse Square area called Devon. It’s known for its seafood. When you walk in there is a main bar section and then a lower level that is the dining area. It was way bigger than I would have thought and equally as nice. We sat at a 4 person table which I’m always unsure if I should sit next to her or in front of her. I got some sort of butterfish that was from New Zealand as a tribute to Jeff. The meal was really nice and reasonably priced although I’d certainly tip the scale towards the higher side. I went back after that went out with Big Steve and a few other people in Manayunk and Dooley said that it was the most sober he’d ever seen me. After dinner I was really stuffed and I couldn’t drink for a while which is why it was the case. I hung out til about 1am and then went home to watch the second part of the 24/7 Flyers-Rangers. I really enjoy this program even though I don’t really like hockey. I woke up at noon the next day which is pretty pathetic but a day off here and there is ok. This brings me to the title of this post.

I need to eat something. I’m deciding if I want to make something from the freezer or just drive to WaWa and have someone make something for me. It takes 20 minutes to make something and I’m not in the mood so I’ll just drive and it will probably take 20 minutes round trip. There are two WaWa’s near me. One is about 8 minutes but the drive is easy and there will be adequate parking and it’s a nicer facility. The other WaWa is about 5 minutes but the parking can be a nightmare. I’m going to drive the extra minutes for the convenience. This goes against my usual “do everything as simple as possible” but in certain scenarios it just makes sense. After food I plan to go to the gym and then buy a few more gifts for people. Living the life.