At around 6pm I decided to get a famous bowl from KFC and do some holiday shopping. I went through the drive through and decided to eat the bowl in the mall parking lot. Mall parking is pretty chaotic at this point in time so I just take the first available spot fairly far away from the entrance. I pull into the 2nd spot face first leaving the other spot behind me. I start eating my famous bowl and am about half way through when an SUV pulls up behind me. It’s a guy and a girl about 17 or so. After settling into the parking spot they lip kiss each other for about 10 seconds. I’m watching this in my rearview finishing my bowl. Next thing I know the girls head went into the guys lap. Unless she just happened to lose her contact there’s only one reason I could think of why her head fell out of sight. So I’m basically sitting there ready to go shopping and I’m stuck in my car. I can’t open the door or else they’d be like “what the fuck?” I was completely frozen for like 5 straight minutes praying to god they don’t walk forward past the car. An eternity later they finish up and thankfully exit rear car. Not what I was expecting on my holiday shopping spree.