Small things infuriate me. You could tell me that my house is on fire and that wouldn’t bother me as much as no good songs being played on the radio. I can’t explain it but I don’t lose my cool over major life altering circumstance but when a vendor wants to charge me 150 dollars to ship one package from Allentown to Philadelphia, my brain just starts flipping out. Today I nearly lost it when a piece of tape didn’t stick to a box properly. Or when a crumpled up piece of paper hits the rim of the trash can and hits the floor. What about when WordPress in Mozilla doesn’t allow me to add pictures to my blog post so I have to go in IE and that doesn’t let me place them anywhere but the top of the post. And then the up arrow doesn’t work. These minor things seriously start getting under my skin.

I didn’t think of this point before I decided to create this post, it just dawned on me while I was writing and I abruptly ended the last paragraph. Things really piss me off when they should work, and they don’t. When something doesn’t work because it’s not supposed to, meaning you dropped your phone on concrete and now it’s broken, that’s ok. When you wake up in the morning and your phone doesn’t turn on after a night of charging gets me boiling. It sometimes feels like there is someone making sure things go wrong sometimes. I want to live in a perfect world where everything operates the way I expect it to operate. I think when big things go wrong you just accept that they went wrong. Small things have the tendency to make you wonder how the hell did that happen. I’m sure I can’t be the only person who feels this way.