Last night I went over to the Shee’s at around 6 and started having a few beers. We ate some food, a few people came over and we played some pong and then we went out to a bar close to the Rittenhouse Square area. The only funny thing to note was there was a guy who brought a bottle of Johnny Walker Black and this other guy was making an attempt at sneaking a shot but as he was pouring it the guy who owned the bottle turned around and caught him. The owner said it was OK. Enthralling I know. Anyway, I abandoned the first bar we were at to go to Club Risque by myself. If you’ve gone out in the city with me you’d know that this is not uncommon. The girls who work on Friday are definitely the upper echelon of strippers in the city. I believe I had multiple lap dances with 4 different girls and I probably spent about 300 bucks there. The first girl was an Asian and said that if we went to the champagne room she’d make me bust a nut. Now a younger version of me would have jumped at the opportunity but since this wasn’t my first visit to a strip club I could see through her lies. I told her it would take her forever anyway and she wouldn’t be able to. The second girl was a smoking hot blonde with librarian glasses and she was exactly what I would be looking for in a female (aside from being a whore). She actually gave me her number which I found sort of bizarre but I don’t know what to do with it. It’s coming up with an Ambler area which is also amusing. The 3rd girl was a black haired girl with boobs not as big as I usually like them but she was a nice girl. The final girl was the same platinum blonde look with rock hard boobs but not as attractive as the second one. All in all it was a pretty good time and the place is open till 4 which is nice as well. I left at 3 or so and drove home (I wasn’t drinking at Risque). On my way home I saw this guy take off another cars side view mirror which was pretty awesome. I woke up at 12 or so today and am finally feeling like a normal human being again. I sometimes feel like a dirty human being going to strip clubs but then I get over it. It makes for good blog entries. Plus stripper do love me because I’m not an obese, old man and I have some money to blow so it can really be a big self esteem booster.