I rarely jump on an athlete’s band wagon but this guy is an exception. With 4 minutes left in the game and the Broncos down 10-0 I said I would start going to church if Tim Tebow leads them to victory. Obviously he did. From his Wikipedia page I learned that he was born in the Philippines and was home schooled. His ability to win is unbelievable and the way he does it is even more so. It’s like he doesn’t try until the last possible moment to make it as dramatic as possible. The crazy thing is too that there are moments when he completely stinks. His passes are erratic and there’s no way this guy should be an NFL QB. Yet he wins week after week. It honestly makes me think that all his Jesus talk is working. He has someone or something guiding him. I just can’t figure it out. I am a fan though because I just can’t figure it out. Maybe he’s on to something.