Electrifying probably isn’t the right word but I needed something to rhyme. I find Spotify to be a very fun service. It’s integration with Facebook is really impressive. A list of your Facebook friends appears on the right hand side of the software and displays all of their public lists. Unfortunately not many people create lists but I’ve taken it upon myself to do so. Basically you can put together playlists for the entire public to view. I like this because people can see what good songs are from someone who has good taste in music. The only downer is that they don’t have all artists. I’ve found many that I search for (Pink Floyd, Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Beatles…) that have covers which just aren’t the same. This isn’t saying they don’t have plenty of songs but not all. They seem to have much of the newer material out and a popularity scale to help rate each song. It’s a real nice way to keep up to date with what is popular. Plus it acts as a music player and other than the annoying ads which I’m considering just paying for to get rid of, I find this to be a very useful way of listening to music while incorporating the listening experience with friends. Feel free to subscribe to my lists if you join the software.