I don’t really understand the fascination with deals on Black Friday in comparison to Cyber Monday. Why would people want to stand in line for hours to take advantage of pricing when they could just order it online a few days later? I suppose it’s the thrill of shopping but the rude people, the pushy lines and the fact that the store can run out of your item makes me lean towards sitting in my chair and shopping.

I think another strange thing about this holiday is how, and I’m assuming, people will start buying everything with their credit cards even if they don’t have the money. I’ve really never understood how people can purchase things while they are already debt laden. Giving people the opportunity to purchase things with plastic is how greedy corporations rule the masses. Credit card companies get so rich because people are so stupid and this holiday weekend promotes it.

I know there are people who have to work on Friday but that must really suck. Aside from people who don’t partake in the holiday, this has to be a day where the majority of the population is off from work. You have to be dragging your feet with every step knowing that you are just a slave to the company you work for. I’m being a little harsh here because obviously some companies are international companies and the world doesn’t stop for the day after Thanksgiving so there are going to have to be people to work but it just feels like it should be an off day.

The Turkey Tourney will be going off on Saturday at 11am at my parents house. Buy in will be between 30-50 dollars. I’m not sure what type of turn out we expect but if you have any interest in playing either email me or comment on the blog. You can also find me on facebook with that giant link in the upper right hand corner that no one has ever clicked.