I skipped a few days of posting, forgive me but the blog has been more successful than ever. With over 9,300 visitors for a 30 day period I have set a new record. Storage Wars traffic continues to dominate but better something than nothing. Maybe someone will actually read some of the posts and think it’s not half bad and offer me a job as a writer. That last line was a joke just to clarify for the people whose eyes rolled in the back of their head.

I finished the a Dance with Dragons, the final Game of Thrones book. This leaves me bookless and awaiting the next 2 books in the series eagerly. Considering it took George R.R Martin 5+ years to come out with this last one I’m not holding my breath. It really sucks too because all the books have you anticipating what is going to happen next. It’s awesome because he does things that you don’t expect. He’ll give the POV of a character for a book and a half and then all of a sudden when he’s about to do something heroic, that Martin’s been leading up to for chapters, he’ll find a way to get killed. So many twists and turns and the reading is just so perfectly formatted. Each chapter is between 10-20 pages and a new character’s POV takes place every chapter. I haven’t been so enthralled in a book series in my entire life. This is truly one of the best fantasy novels of all time.

I also finished the first season of Six Feet Under and I thought it lacked the emotional charge that I’ve come to expect from a series finale. I’m aware this is came out about 10 years ago but I guess I just suspected more. A few thoughts I had on it. They made David really gay. I’ve seen gay characters on TV but David is probably the gayest. Seeing Michael C Hall act gay doesn’t really bother me that much but I do find it humorous the dependency between David and Dexter. I have trouble taking Nate seriously. He comes off as really laid back but I think he does a good job and I’ve grown to like his character. I’m also finding the Mom better and better because it seems like she has a screw loose but only when she wants to. Reminds me of Tony Soprano’s mom. Claire and Gabe are annoying, end of story. I haven’t started Season 2 but I probably will once I stop writing this post.

I bet on 2 games today, both the Packers -7 and the Dolphins +7. I really wanted to take Detroit but the line was going off at -125 and that usually means that they expect this to happen. It’s a Catch 22 for gamblers. If they expect it to happen then betting on it seems like the smart thing to do. Of course they only pay you 7.50 for every 10 dollars wagered. So they pay you less if what’s expected to happen happens. Problem is what the public expects to happen doesn’t always happen and taking the other side is the right move even though it doesn’t seem right. The Lions are a decent team at home and you’d think they’d be fired up to play a Thanksgiving game trying to knock the Packers off, thus being a close game. That being said, if I think it’s going to be a close game, I’m going to bet on the Packers in a blow out. I think the Dolphins are a clear bet as well for various reasons, the main one being last week. The Shee was spot on when he said the Dolphins are only getting 2 points against the Bills and there’s something wrong with that because the Bills should be giving more. I think the same thing applies here. Dolphins have been playing good and Matt Moore is hitting targets. I’ll roll the dice.