I have been living a life of boredom for the past few weeks. This is done by choice but if you read my post a few weeks ago, I wrote that I was going to try to take this half marathon seriously and not get wasted on the weekends and try to train for it. This plan was mostly brought to fruition aside from the training part. My weekends have been plain and boring and I’ve been feeling relatively healthy. Tomorrow at 8am after, hopefully, an hour and 20 minutes of running, I will end this little project. It’s nice to feel the same way each morning but I just miss some “excitement”. Perhaps this is the alcoholic in my talking but I will refer to a Family Guy episode where they show two potential life paths of Peter. One in which he never drank and had geeky friends and a straight edge life and another where he was a drunk and all the bad things that happen. The moral is moderation and I believe that this is what I will strive for in the future.

On Friday night I played some poker and got into an interesting pot. I had 33 and the flop game 346. I bet 10 into the pot and was called by one person. The turn brought a 3 giving me quads and the fat woman, who the player to the left of me referred to as Jabba the Hutt, checked and I bet 15 hoping not to lose her, she called. The river brought a 3 card flush and money signs were going off in my head. She bet 35 bucks and I Hollywooded for a moment and said raise and put out 35 chips. She heard the raise and said something to the effect, I call whatever. Obviously this is music to my ears and I then ask does she have to call my bet, I’m all in then. They bring the floor over and the idiot lady is given the option of what she wants to do when I bet 250 into a pot of 80. She ends up calling anyway and turns over a straight and I doubled up in the first 30 minutes. I only left with a 50 buck profit due to some bad play and bad luck.

I woke up early on Saturday and went to get a haircut. I had some really awkward conversation with the barber and we talked about golf a little and he told me the same story he told me the last time I had him. I just didn’t have the banter to make the talk any less tough to get through. After that I went to Barnes and Noble and bought the 4th book in the Game of Thrones Series, Chuck Klosterman’s “Killing Yourself to Live” and a book about the Beatles. I also went to Modell’s and I will predict this franchise will be out of business shortly. They have no customers and a lousy selection. I also went to BestBuy and bought a Squeeze greatest hits CD and a James Taylor album out of the $4.99 bargain bin. Next I went to the mall and will comment on the overpriced Auntie Anne’s stand which charged me $4.82 for a monster lemonade and a pretzel. That was my morning and it felt pretty good feeling sober and spending some money on material goods.

It’s 8pm now and I’m pretty much sitting here listening to music and reading a book by myself. In a sense I find it fairly sad that I don’t enjoy socializing without alcohol but for some reason I just feel better staying in alone and just reading. I’m well aware of my mishaps and abuse of alcohol but spending weeks like this proves that I can be sober, I just have to change my typical behavior. Whether it’s good or bad I’m not really sure but it is a change of pace and I certainly feel healthier. I don’t expect a bang up time tomorrow but it should be a good start to a Sunday filled with football.