Dear rulers of the roads,
I am outraged at the size of the ticket I just received at 4:24pm on 9/16/11. I am a resident of the city and am in town to pick up a race packet at the convention center when I park my car along side the curb at Arch and 12th. I saw a Kiosk about 15 steps back and proceeded to pay $1.25 to allow me to park till 4:49 (I have the receipt). I arrived at this location at 4:22pm. There were cars behind me along the curb and I knew I was only going to be a short period of time and I was not blocking any traffic. I picked up my packet from the convention center and went back to my car to find a traffic violation for $76.00. The time was 4:40pm. While inside for 18 minutes, I was given a ticket after a two minute period. Now, I presume I must have been in front a no parking from here to the corner but I didn’t notice it while I was parking. After two minutes I was ticketed an insane amount of money for the violation. It makes sense the city hires hundreds of traffic cops when they charge $76.00 per violation. I didn’t commit $76.00 dollars of violation fees during this 18 minute window. Enclosed is a check for $20.00 which I feel is a fair amount for this minor inconvenience. I also find the threats that you will charge “significant” late fees upon no payment to be a little totalitarian. Please accept my apologies and payment and we can move past this incident.

A proud citizen of Philadelphia,
Tom Stortz