I usually don’t post on Monday’s because I feel like shit and this is the last thing I feel like thinking about. However, I have decided to make a post to sum up my last couple days and express some thoughts through my head. A quick financial summary – I went 3 for 4 on my sports bets to tally a +150 weekend, which puts me at exactly even for the season. After 12 weeks of the season to be even with the book is actually amazing. I threw a c-note on the pats at +1.5 tonight so that will swing me in one direction.

Yesterday I was complaining about being sad and depressed. This is actually pretty easy to understand why. 4 days of no work had ended and it was back to work today. Plus, and this is gonna sound really gay, seeing my brothers back from school and all these other people who I used to see while growing up and realizing that that phase of my life is ending, sort of makes me think about the past and it’s just depressing in a sense. It’s all normal and there isn’t anything you can do about it but it just gets me thinking. Also the aftermath effect alcohol has on the body can make you feel down.

To summarize things from my poker playing; not so good. We held a live tourny on Saturday where we had 30+ people play. I finished 5th but I really felt I played great the entire time. I didn’t once get it in behind the entire tourney and it was just a bit unlucky to run my 88 into 99 on my final hand. I also played a 2000 person tournament and finished 265th. Problem was the buy in was 11 dollars and it paid out 16. So I wasted 5 hours for 4 dollars. I also busted from the Sunday Million early when I couldn’t win 2 races. I still think I’m playing well but luck has not been on my side. I think I’m going to play in a live tourny on Wed so I expect to do well.

If you read the title you would wonder what my experiment is. Basically after 4 days of heavy drinking, I look and feel like a loaf. I don’t think I’m an alcoholic but I certainly do abuse the shit out of it on weekends. After these 4 days of drinking I end up feeling shitty and wondering why I do this to myself. What I want to do with this blog is show you what the effect of abusing alcohol is on the body, mainly my stomach.

In the past 4 days I think I’ve probably consumed about 50+ beers. At 100 calories per beer, we have 5000 calories in 4 days not counting any food. That’s about 2 days of what my daily intake should be if I were eating healthy, which explains why I have no appetite on days after I drink heavily. Considering I didn’t work out at all, this is the main driver for why I feel like shit. This is the end result of my stomach after this unhealthy binge. P4170181

My theory is that all the liquid goes to the love handles. What I plan to do with this blog is take a picture for 5 consecutive days of how my body transforms when I treat it with respect. I will go to the gym for 5 straight days, do some light lifting, and then run 3-5 miles at a 6 minute pace. I’m not doing this to impress people but for my own knowledge and to understand how negatively beer works on my body. If you want to give me derogatory comments about how stupid this is or how you could care less, that is completely ok with me. I would actually like to do this for a couple of weeks but I have a feeling that isn’t possible. I have a plan that instead of getting wasted Friday I’ll leave work and drive straight to AC and try to play a long long poker session. I’ll will keep this posted on a daily basis. That is all.