A couple of days off is always nice. I have no plans outside of Thanksgiving dinner with the normal family. I’ve eliminated sports betting from my daily life after hitting the 100 bucks to the red for the season. This is such a nominal amount of money but it’s more about the -EV that comes along with betting. I’m not saying I’ll never bet on another game again, but when I’m sober, I really have no urge for the action. Without watching sports on TV, this leaves me playing poker. I appear to have received a nice cash out curse from stars. I don’t really believe in this but I have seemed to take a turn for the worst. My big pairs don’t hold against small pairs, people hit flushes, dominated hands get me drawing dead on the flop. Standard stuff that everyone who play poker whines about from time to time. I intend to take a break and maybe get into it a bit more when I have a few days off. I satellited into the Sunday Mill through FPP’s on Sunday. I finished an uneventful 2000 out of 8000.
Other than boring gambling nonsense, everything else has been just as boring. The curb’s season finale was certainly good. Sort of makes me want to see them bring Seinfeld back. I thought the Californication was average but Rick Springfield is still entertaining. Dexter had a nice twist at the end which has me looking forward to next week. I’ve confessed to watching Glee before and I’m actually starting to get annoyed with it. They use up the whole show with songs and I think they have run out of story. Quinn is really hot though and even though she’s 18 in the show, I think she’s 23 in real life, so it’s all good.
That’s it. Wish I had something exciting to write about. I’ll have to turn to some rants I’ve been saving up because my life has turned to blah. Till next time.