New Storage Wars aired tonight and Brandi is looking good. Since she’s the only female, and I explained why she’s hotter than ever here and here, she stands out head and shoulders above the crowd. Plus she actually has a pulse behind her. She’s hotter than you’d think because she acts like a real person. It’s not like she knows she’s attractive and acts like Paris or Kim K. She is just there as a normal human being bidding on storage lockers. She really is my perfect girl though. I love the brunette/blond hair color and she has a cute face and a fine body. She just feels like she’d be fun to be around.

I think the show is starting to get a bit too much mainstream. When they just start bidding up the prices for TV, it loses it’s realness. Plus they seem to value everything in excess just to keep it interesting. Just because they say it’s this much doesn’t mean anyone would pay that much. I expect this is the last season this show will be any good. In the meantime, here are some Brandi pics to keep you interested.