Why I Still Love Brandi Passante

With previous posts displaying her hotness here, I’m going into one more explanation. This isn’t really her best picture but it explains why I like her look. First off she has a full rack which I like. The chest then accentuates her flat stomach. That look of big boobs and flat stomach is a great combination. The skirt kind of makes me things she’s hiding something under there but for the sake of argument we’ll say she’s not. That hair color is my absolute favorite. I like the blonde look and the brown highlights give her some authenticity that she’s not a bimbo. The hot sunglasses complete the look. Plus she knows she’s hot which makes her even more attractive. Here’s one more picture that should display her stripping past and why she looks as good as she does.

The tattoos on her feet scream stripper. That dress is knockout though. Nice hips, tight stomach, nice tits, hourglass figure, hot ass female. Stripper or not, she’s made a name for herself and I’d hit it any day of the week.

Tom Stortz

Enjoying my last few responsibility free years left.

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  1. How ridiculous is it that Darrell had to do research to find out who Pablo Escobar was. No wonder Dave makes him look like an idiot on a weekly basis.

  2. What I find the most comical about Darrell is his negotiating with the man in the oddball store for the fat reducer. He’s probably the only person in the world who would buy that and he offered 200 dollars. Why on Earth would he ever back down from his offer is beyond me. And same thing at the end when he was negotiating with Barry, he’s like I’ll give you 1,000 bucks but it’s worth 4,000. WHO THE HELL IS BARRY GOING TO SELL THAT TO? Plus the funniest thing when Jarrod is like we have 200 CD’s for 3 bucks a pop, that’s 600 dollars. If the CD is shitty and no one will ever buy it (like 90% of the CD’s most likely) they are worth 0. The sale of the items takes time and isn’t nearly as easy as a dollar amount increasing. But yeah, Dave is the smartest character, how the hell would you ever know that lace if from Italy?!?!

  3. I don’t really see what your talking about. I mean she is definitely a 1 on the binary scale, but I think you give he too much credit she is a 7 at best.

  4. Brandi Passante is pretty and sharp when it comes to picking storage units, more than Jarrod will give her credit for. She has gotten more good quality units then him for less. You would think Jerrod could give her a little support, but no he has to act like a idiot.

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