Yesterday market the 5th highest traffic day ever in this blog’s history brought on by the influx of Brandi is Hot pics. Naturally once I saw that, I created a post specifically with those keywords and added a few crappy pictures. I don’t think Brandi is really popular enough to build an entire blog around and I also don’t have enough dirt on her to make it exciting. Increased traffic makes me happy on multiple levels no matter how people are getting there.

1. Google is recognizing my blog a place to send people
2. My hard work and updating as frequently as possible is paying off
3. I don’t have to make posts whining how no one is participating
4. Opportunities arise from more people viewing my site

You’ll see this is the 15th post this month which puts me at over 100 pace which would be astronomical. I think seeing new posts brings a joy to people that makes them keep coming back. I feel like the posts I’ve been writing have been pretty good (aside from this one) so I’m pleased where this website is heading. I’ll try to continue updating as long as ideas keep popping in my head.