People ask me to do more “player profiles” but it really starts to boil down to my critique of them as a person. This is why I tend to not do them because I ask myself “why do people want to know what I think about them?” I guess it’s because I actually have a medium (this blog) to display this whereas most people don’t. So people ask me to them so I’ll happily write about Jess Baker for this one.

I can’t really think of any nicknames other than Jess Baker. It’s a tad unusual to call people by their first and last names when referring to them but it just sort of sticks in my head. Jess is certainly one of the more athletic females and plays pretty much everything. She’s been on both the football and softball team and I know plays in the Orleand Bball league and I’ve seen her play tennis as well. A few observations though if I must. I think she managed to play in maybe 2 out of the 8 softballs games due to “scheduling conflicts.” Her dedication may be in question. I also remember in the championship football game that took place in December, she started the game wearing these really furry mittens. Naturally the first pass thrown to her slid right through her hands. That was the end of the mittens and once again we must question whether being warm is more important than performance.

I think the number one thing Jess brings to the table is being a good teammate and having a good attitude. She’s never a bitch on or off the field and generally a pleasure to be around. Last night her and I played beer pong together and after losing the first game, we managed to win 7 in a row with a good rapport throughout the night. We also can’t forget that she doesn’t attend a party without bringing baked goods such as brownies and cake. Although I don’t really eat sweets, I’m sure they are delicious. She also has a lot of friends that are girls which helps our girl to guy ratio tremendously as I don’t really have a flock of girls to call on myself. She requested that I have some background music (some Beyonce song?) playing for this particular post but I don’t have the technical know how. So I hope this post appeased some of my readers and I’ll just mention that I’ll continue doing them if they are desired. This one’s for you Jess Baker, player profile #3.