I read an article on Yahoo and just felt this was a worthy news story because of JKash’s love of Shawn Kemp. I’m going to take out some blurbs from it and analyze. If you are not familiar with Shawn Kemp (who isn’t?), a quick history is he was an all-star power forward who played with the Seattle Supersonics. He had tremendous athletic ability and after he finished his stint in the NBA he had drug issues and tons of women who had his children. This article had to do with his son being accepted to play College ball.

The above picture is of Shawn Kemp Jr. He is 6-10 and signed to play for the Washington Huskies for next year. Here are some of the better blurbs from the article.

“Kemp Jr. initially signed with Alabama in 2008 and later committed to Auburn in 2009, but wasn’t academically eligible to enroll at either school. He spent the 2009-10 season at Hargrave Military Academy and the last school year away from basketball in order to shore up his academics so he could enroll at Washington.” – How old is he now? He’ll be a 21 year old Freshmen I suppose.

“The eldest of at least eight different kids Kemp Sr. fathered with at least six mothers, Kemp Jr. grew up without his father in his life for most of his childhood.” – The last line is important.

“According to Kvam, Kemp Jr. and his father have grown closer since high school.” – On a whim I’m just assuming Shawn Kemp Sr. has had some financial difficulties. Now that one of his 8 children have potential dollar signs, it’s time to cozy up. Obviously Mr. Kemp was a smart man and knew that his sperm could produce some athletes. 1 out of 8 ain’t bad.