So here’s the link to Blake Lively nudes. I always find these types of things to be pretty entertaining. For anyone who’s younger, older, frowns upon these types of things, this is 100% up my alley and even though I’m not putting the pictures directly on my site, I have no problem linking to them. I think she looks pretty good by the way even though I’m not 100% sure it’s her. Why is the camera always covering up her face? Pretty nice body though. I know she was in Accepted and does Gossip Girl but this should launch her career if they are real.

I also think that I’m so desensitized to these types of photos that this is just comparable to her wearing a bathing suit to me. I’m not sure if people these days are offended by nudes and what not but this is just so plain to me that I don’t think twice about posting it. I’m curious to know if people won’t click on that link because she’s naked?