I’d appreciate a quick response to the poll as Ck4 and I have differing views on how this expression sounds. We also disagree on whether RBI is pluralized when it’s used in conversation. I’m much less adamant about the latter because I at least see where it’s coming from. RBI stands for runs batted in so I can at least see the case for some confusion. To explain, Chase had one RBI last night. Chase had 2 RBI last night. No, it’s Chase had 2 RBI’S last night. That was just how I grew up using it. The other one is fairly obvious to me but I’ll let the poll be the decider.

I have nothing else really of interest. I ran 3 miles yesterday and did a 5:46, 6:05, 6:06 in the 95 degree heat which I didn’t think was terrible. Exercising in the heat though really can take a lot of you. Plus I didn’t have enough water which made me cut the workout short. I was really dying though. After that we went to the Bayou for 20 cent wings and had a few beers then went to the driving range. I went to the driving range after that where I swear I can enter long drive contests. I’m not guaranteeing wins but if I go strictly for distance, I swear that ball is going 350. Then I watched the entire basketball game which was sort of ho-hum but it looks like this is going to be Miami’s year. They just have too much fire power in Lebron and D-Wade. I saw that line at -4.5 last night and would have jumped on Dallas so I’m pleased that I haven’t made a bet since March Madness. There’s a summary of my day and that’s pretty typical.