I feel like I’ve been jam packing a lot into these 90 degree days. After work today I played Ck4 in tennis for about an hour and a half. I’m going to leave out the score to save him some face but losing to me in tennis is pretty blah. It was the 3rd time I’ve played this year and I really do see dramatic improvement with each outing. Starting from a complete noob each time I play gets to be embarrassing so it’s nice to feel like there is some progress being made with 3 playing attempts in under a week. It starts with just hitting the ball over the net to trying to hit it to a side of the court. I find the game to be average and the workout is not nearly as good as people say. Everyone, from soccer players to tennis players, always think that whatever they do is absolutely the best workout. After tennis today I went and ran 3 more miles because it wasn’t enough. Sure it’s a lot of stop and go but you get tons of resting and how much running are you really doing? Plus I’m in much better shape then Ck4 which gives me a huge edge as the games progress because I’m not really any better.

I also don’t ever get any opinions on whether people like my referencing to Blake Lively nude pics. I just think people are scared to voice that they actually look at them. Pornography is the primary purpose of the internet. Everything else is secondary. Now I know that people can’t view those pics at work but I’m trying to bring traffic to this site and I’m attempting they #1 way I know, smut. It didn’t work by the way as my traffic is still as normal as usual. I know some of you looked though. Pervert.

I’m glad the poll worked out the way it did. It’s so obvious to me that the phrase is “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” Meaning, YES, it is to good to be true. By putting the isn’t on the end all you do is confuse the hell out of the sentence to the point that no one understands it. So it isn’t too good to be true? Then it’s true? It isn’t not true? You get the point and I’m glad my readers have some intelligence as Ck4 was the only voter for the isn’t.

I also went to the mall and bought a book on the failing dollar, a new pair of Nikes, and some Polo’s, shorts, and a bathing suit. I don’t really love shopping but I don’t mind spending money on goods that are I gain possession of unlike alcohol or gambling. After that I watched the movie The Kingdom with Jamie Foxx. It was made in 2007 and I found it to be a solid 2 star movie. Problem with watching it now is that I can guarantee I will never hear a reference to this movie for the rest of my life. Not a special movie or anything, just a decent 2 hour flick. If I didn’t watch it, nothing would be any different. I’d probably have two extra hours of time to blog. It was a pretty jam packed day though and I’m tired sitting here at 11:50. Going to sleep.