After the softball game, Gusto and Bake came over to go to Riverpalooza. We were planning to get there at 3pm which seemed like a reasonable plan. I had 30 tickets to sell and I knew they raised the price at 3 from 15 to 20 dollars which would make me a bit more money. Turns out that hundreds of people wanted to go at 3pm as well and even if you had a ticket, you had to wait in line. So when we got there I got rid of 28 tickets at about 15 dollars each and sold a few to my friends at 10. The ticket selling process proved to be easy as pie and I probably could have sold 100 more if I tried at 5pm. At one point they said that they couldn’t let anymore people in. Fortunately with my connects with my main man Pat, I was able to get the Shee and Kope in which proved my clout at Mad River.

Once inside it was absolute mayhem. Gusto was so adamant about calling the fire marshal and complaining about how much of a safety hazard there was inside that it took a long time to talk him out of it. There were just people everywhere and it got difficult to move. Getting a drink was a process in itself and even knowing Lindsay didn’t help all that much. When we got there secret service was playing and there were just mobs of people in front of the stage. When we had to piss, we just left the scene and went around the corner to some parking lot that proved to save some time. Gusto saw this chick sitting on the bench and asked her if he could buy her lay and she said he had to earn while simultaneously spreading her legs. I left Gusto at that point but I was cracking up. At around 5 people were already wasted and I was happily still with it.

Just a few random encounters to mention. I talked to Bridget who used to work at Mad River and she was real touchy feely when she was talking to me and I even though she’s married I wondered if she was trying to tell me something. Also I found my favorite bartender, who was looking as fine as ever, and gave her a nice tip for selling me the Riverpalooza tickets and she hooked us up with some drinks. I think I was probably my drunkest at around 8 pm or so, right before Mr Greengenes game on. I found some girl who I was making out with on a previous weekend and I don’t think we said one word to each other but were still macking it on the dancefloor. I would rate her about a 6 and nothing really came out of it. At about midnight we had enough and me, Bake and Gusto left to grab some food and go home. Big props to Bake who drank the entire night and stayed there all day which was not necessarily uncharacteristic but not the easiest thing to do, drink for 10 hours straight. Gusto and I then listened to some Bruce and the Beatles and that’s the end of my night.

I would say that this was an enormous success. I didn’t black out, enjoyed the event, and nothing bad happened. Bake had the odds at 3-1 of me sleeping in my own bed and I’m pretty proud to say that I accomplished this simple task. Now I didn’t bring home any ladies but just making it home in one piece and not blacking out was good enough for me. I had a pretty fun time and can’t think of many better ways to spend a Saturday afternoon.