I just tried to sit down 4 times and each time I stood up after 10 seconds of thinking what to write about and then I got up to eat some wheat thins. I’ve got a ton of little things, but none of them really add up to a quality post so I’m just sort of considering putting in a bunch of thoughts together to form an entry. I’ll just start off with my Sunday and work from there especially because I was too lazy today to write anything.

I woke up at about 11 after Riverpalooza feeling ok but was pretty tired to say the least. I went back to sleep at around 2 something and slept to 5 something. Exciting I know. Then I watched the Masters, ate some food and watched some TV. JKash and the Lamps came over to play a rousing game of Scattergories till about midnight. I thought the 3 person format was pretty good but since you really only need one person to side with you, 4 people is ideal. JKash has become known for any category that has to do with drugs or medicine to bust out some random Teva drug that he acts shocked when no one has any clue about it. Some of the better answers were a Neap Tide for things found in the ocean, a Tyrannosaurs Rex in a science fiction movie, Flipping pancakes as a household chore, and the discussion on whether the Gall Bladder is hidden. Just a final thought on the night, the Lamps was asking what I thought about Smashed buying a case of water specifically for her, and then drinking it for himself when she’s not there, and as long as you have bottled water because the princess can’t drink from the tap, I think he should be allowed to drink as much as he wants.

After work today, I went to the golf range with CK4 to shag some balls. Even with the ankle not 100% I was hitting the ball consistently well. Hardly any mishits and most were straight opposed to off center. I actually surprised myself with a first time range outing with how well I was making contact. Hitting a target is another story but that comes with time. After that I made a mistake and tried to run on my ankle and I was only out for 10 minutes or so but at this point it’s just stupid to try. I’ve decided my Broad St run is not happening and will sell my entry to anyone who wants it.

Blog traffic has been steadily decreasing but the length of time per visit has been increasing. Basically my Suri Cruise traffic is becoming less and less and people who like the site are slowly increasing. It’s sort of a motivation killer to know that my constant effort is resulting in a decrease of traffic but I don’t think I can really control it. I was getting some people for the Riverpalooza traffic but it was single digits per day. I get random sporadic traffic but still can’t generate anything worth talking about, someday…

Which brings me to, yes I tipped the bartender 100 dollars at Riverpalooza. I didn’t do this to get in her pants, although if she was interested… but she literally hooks me up every single time I go there. She saves me so much more than 100 bucks over the course of time that it’s the least I can do. The ticket sales were basically a wash with that tip I gave and it really doesn’t even matter to me. I was happy to help my friends with discounted tickets and the making of the money is really secondary in the grand scheme of things. The Bike Race will be the next big event come June and that should be equally fun.

Speaking of making money, I have a cush job lined up tomorrow with jury duty. I think that I have to pay 20 bucks or so for parking and then get paid about 6 dollars an hour. I want to bring the book American Psycho, because that’s what I’m currently reading, but I have a feeling a book about a guy who murders the homeless an has a pretty dark viewpoint on life might be frowned upon. I have a few back up books though that are probably better suited for the judicial system. I’m not really looking forward to it but hopefully it will be a life experience and good blogging material.

I really wish this post could have been better but I try to incorporate life events into my blog every once in a while. I personally find them extremely easy to write but also very boring. My rambling posts about stupid topics keep my interest more then these. If I were you and I read this, I would just think “my life is just as boring, why am I reading about your boring life?” I would assume my readers feel the same way?