I woke up on Saturday at about 10 feeling pretty good. The Superstars, softball team name is the most generic team name chosen by Matt Baker himself, had a game at 11:30 that I was going to watch even though I wasn’t playing. When we got there I thought the other team looked like a bunch of goobers but they turned out to be decent. Bud lead the game with a bomb to left that resulted in a triple. Dorshow hit a homer the next inning to give an early lead but I think the other team was leading 3-2 at after 3 innings. Gusto was his normal self coming over and drinking a beer before pitching a good game and even got out from leaving the best before any contact was made which is just plain retarded. JKa$h included a couple hits and aside from the Shee, everyone was getting on base. I only write that because I know the Shee reads this and probably won’t think it’s funny. The Superstars played well overall and ended up with a 10-6 victory that finished with the other team having bases loaded and Christine made a nice catch in right center that could have been trouble. I was the third base coach for the game and I must comment that it’s harder then it looks. Aside from telling Bud to stop and go 3 times when rounding third, I think it was ok. Another hilarious incident was Jess Baker on the 3rd and they hit a grounder to third and Jess Baker didn’t move off the base and I wasn’t sure what to tell her. The third baseman faked a throw to first and looked back at the bad to see her not even move which made me think Jess must have knew what she was doing because I was no help at all. Overall a solid win and next week should be more of the same..