I just wanted to make a post dedicated to Riverpalooza in the Spring of 11′. Considering this is my “Cheers” bar in Manayunk, I feel like its my job to promote one of their best events of the year. I can tell already that it has a decent hype around it and they have been promoting it like crazy so there’s no doubt it’s going to be packed full of drunks and sluts looking to have a good time all day long. With an early start time of 12pm, people will be sloshed by 3 and then slowly getting drunker as the day wears on. 14 straight hours of drinking is unheard of and probably impossible without severe repercussions. A midday nap or at least a break from drinking is necessary somewhere along the way. A huge ups to the employees and bartenders who put their job ahead of the fun and make this day possible.

The live music all day long is what really makes the event. Go Go Gadget leads the day off and they are one of my favorite cover bands. The lead singer is obviously musically talented when he’s able to play the drums, horn, trashcan and even sing Lady Gaga reasonably well for a male. I’ve seen Secret Service only a few times but I know they have a big following with an older crowd and play some different tunes that you don’t hear from younger bands. Stellar Mojo and Split Decision are staples of the cover band seen in the Philly area and both quality performances. Mr. Greengenes gets the most hype and deservedly so. I don’t think I’ve seen them not rock the audience and have everyone going nuts.

This really is a day that people look forward to. One of my favorite activities, day drinking, is highlighted and a good time is guaranteed. There aren’t always events specifically geared to getting hammered starting at noon. Sure there is tailgating but if you get too wasted you can’t enjoy the game. With Riverpalooza you can’t enjoy the event unless you get too wasted. This is why everyone loves this date. People who feel conservative and don’t like to get hammered until it’s 11pm and time to go to the bar get pushed into an afternoon atmosphere where it’s OK to get wasted. I think the best feeling is when 4pm rolls around and you look at your watch and think “man I feel awesome and I still have the rest of the day and the entire night to party.” If you want to go and are waiting in line you can give me a call because I should probably have some spare tickets thanks to a few kind hearted individuals who I will payback handily.

I can’t guarantee when I’ll be there because you can’t make any promises for an event like this. The unpredictable nature of Riverpalooza makes this a day you can’t miss and definitely won’t remember.