I must have some gall. Now you know you shouldn’t use a word in a sentence that when you put the word into the dictionary, you get two more words that you need to look up in the dictionary.

1. impudence; effrontery.
2. bile, especially that of an animal.
3. something bitter or severe.
4. bitterness of spirit; rancor.

1. nerve, audacity, brass, cheek.

She had the nerve to ask for two free samples.

So when I say I have some gall, I’m saying that when I post a link to this site on my facebook, I’m asking to be noticed. What makes me so high and mighty that you should give your time to read about my life. Read about me. I can provide you with entertainment. I’m fun. I’m exciting. You’ll be totally entertained. I have some gall because I’m really a hoax. I wish I lived the life that I could provide you with amazing stories to foreign lands while dining with the upper echelon. I’m just a regular Joe who has a website.

What is the goal of this website? If I’m looking to make money doing it, then I have to drive traffic, which means I have to sell myself out and make people want to read. I don’t know about your facebook news feed, but mine doesn’t contain too many people maintaining a blog and getting people to read it. I have to ask “why don’t more people do what I do?” Is it too much effort? It’s not fun sitting here trying to create posts non stop because unless you create posts, you really are just wasting your time to try to obtain the goal. This is what I think is a riot with the situation. I’m not doing anything right now. I’m literally sitting here at my desk typing and you are sitting there and reading about me type about typing. That’s what I don’t get, I’m not exciting. I’m not doing anything to make you want to continue reading.

I imagine this being my full time job. I could just sit here, think of some ideas for posts and spend 8 hours a day doing it. I could probably create 150 entries a month I bet. This would create additional traffic. I guarantee it because I know that when I check Sam’s blog I’m extremely disappointed when the posts aren’t cranking out. So if I want to start cranking out posts, creating traffic, and then creating click monkeys to click on my ads. I have a potential job.

So now I ask again, why aren’t more people creating personal blogs? I know there are people out there who can do what I just said. I think I just created the best advice ever for people trying to make money starting a blog. Additional info, when I try to give out this advice, I just call it the best advice for starting a blog. When google searchers are looking for quality posts, they might type advice for starting a blog where mine will be buried in the mix, but if I get some sap who wants “the best” advice, mine will instantly jump to the chart matching those keywords. It’s easy to know though, depending on your lifestyle, whether this is really practical advice. If you aren’t entertaining and can’t create 100 posts out of 150 that aren’t readable, then you’ll fail.

All business talk and traffic aside, I really just keep this blog because I have a fun time doing it. I put up entries, if you want to read them, read them. I appreciate you coming to my site and reading my material, especially the people who check it often. I know the daily checker type. You just got into work, you’ve had your breakfast, you’re getting your day started and you just have a to check a few sites before you actually jump into doing work. Delaing work is important on a daily basis. Espn.com (I personally don’t), Yahoo.com (I still like their fantasy and finance even though I think this company is seemingly fading fast), failbook.com (great site that always gets me laughing), and when you start running out and you’re looking for just a minute more time to kill, you see if that crazy bastard rnningfool posted anything. Yes, I do that for you, so you can spend 2 extra minutes not working. I should build a platform around that. There’s a marketing idea that can be used for a company making commercials for their website. I’ve babbled on for long enough this post. I apologize for putting you through that but in a sense I think you’ll come out of this experience with a better appreciation of the work it takes to create an entity out of a personal website. So the best advice for starting a blog is “don’t”. I’ve made $3.36 for hundreds and hundreds of hours of work.