I have a few more that if these are really that well received you can comment and tell me to post the others that aren’t as good as these. CK4, you’ll be happy to know that I only have one of yours but have at least 4 others in the archive. Enjoy.

Let’s lead with the highlight of the footage. I’ve watched this video a dozen times and still can’t decide if it’s a walk or not but it’s good to see someone on our team do something impressive.

Jess Baker’s commentary makes this clip. DRAINO!

I think this clip was pretty funny with Bake holding form like it was supposed to go in.

This was actually does go in.

Ck4, I’ve got about 3 of these similar “you shooting” videos but unfortunately the end result never changes… Cavity Kashub for 3! (root canals)

Mark Zumoff’s job will not be threatened by me.

Sorry Evan, Jka$h felt the wrath last week, this week you get the honor.

I didn’t forget any words in the title, the to is for Turnover, nice finish by Jeff though.