Wow. Where to start. I know this blog isn’t going to win any awards. I know blogging can be viewed as outdated and gay. I know that any nitwit can start a blog and give blogging a bad name but WOW there are so many retards on this planet. After deciding that maybe I was going to try to advertise this blog a little bit I came across a shit ton of truly awful blogs that make me cringe that I own one. The idea I initially had was that I was going to start posting my link on facebook, posting in various forums, and even try to start reading a couple of others peoples blogs and commenting to try to gain some links and random followers. After one hour of perusing the internet, I decided that my blog is perfectly fine the way it is and I’m not just going to start tooting my own blog’s horn just to hear the sound. If people read my material, fantastic, but I’m not going to try to promote my site just to have random morons on Earth boost my traffic. Why have I decided this course of action?

I typed in “Random Blogs” in Google and decided I’d give it a shot at commenting on random blogs to create a rapport and promote my site on theirs. After just clicking on a couple of the first results, I came to a conclusion I was already aware of, people are idiots. I was going to post the sites and why I hate them but the bottom line is that most people don’t maintain a blog as carefully as I do and post such trash that it’s no wonder blogs get a bad reputation. I decided that I wasn’t going to whore myself out.

Blogging sort of turns into a competition that is difficult to win at. The competition turns into “how many people can I get to read what I wrote?” I’d like to think that I would post as often as I do if I knew that no one else read my material but I’m pretty sure that’s not true. I want to be credited by people on my insane amount of good posts. The joy of writing things is sharing with other people how sick, twisted, demented, and borderline crazy you can be. Basically the amount of readers you have is like an approval rating. You know that the more people who visit your site, the more people read your stuff, the more people can decide if you have any talent at maintaining a blog.

If I can use this paragraph to give my own self evaluation. I’m not a talented writer. My grammar is bad, my vocabulary is weak and my sentence structure is off the map. What I’m not good at though I make up with consistency and uniqueness. I haven’t let my site die. I come up with ridiculous posts just to be ridiculous. Have you ever thought about Vladimir Klitscho penetrating Hayden Panettiere? I don’t know where that stuff comes from. I don’t go to sleep at night dreaming about the above statement it just pops in my head sometimes when I read or hear random captions. Aside from that though I’m way too normal to be that interesting. I’m just like you, probably duller. However my ability to turn this retarded site into something will be decided by persistence. I will not give up until it occurs and I’ll keep posting about how good this site will be until you eventually just have to agree with me because I won’t shut up about it. Some people probably pass on without leaving any sort of legacy, maybe will be mine.