I’ve encountered my first major downswing after 3 weeks of only poker. This is due mostly to bad bankroll management and the initial strategy changes implemented by SNGWiz. I went about 300 bucks to downside yesterday. capped off by a 78 dollar SNG loss. I’ve saved myself a few times in recent history with big scores negating lots of losses but yesterday wasn’t happening. I notice my focus lacking a little but I hope to pick up this weekend back on the right track.

I’m still hobbled and have no weekend plans. I’m able to walk around ok with the boot on but I can still feel some weakness when I try to walk without it. I’m hoping some resting time over the weekend will come in handy. I have some games to watch over the weekend for entertainment but the Jimmer and Duke’s loss pretty much ruined my brackets and any shot at WINNING. I have a couple of bucks in my bodog account to bet so I’m sure I’ll put that in action this weekend.

I have a Dr’s appointment next which I’m hoping will be the end of this walking boot and find me in normal sneaker. I just need to be able to get around like a normal human being and not feel handicapped. Doing anything in public makes me feel embarrassed just because. Ck4 wanted to get food and I would feel like a tard doing the Crip walk up and down aisles. So once this is over I’m happy to get back to normal things even if that just involves walking around. Once I can run again I will get myself back into shape because I’ve been feeling like such a lazy, fat ass. I feel like I’ve written this post before but I don’t do any new activities and I just go two places, home and work. Not a lot of events transpire and that makes blogging difficult. Oh well, it’s almost over.