Today is a good day to quote Ice Cube. I woke up and started walking around on both legs with no assistance. Although there is a little hitch when walking off my left leg, I can now fit back into society like a normal human being. This has probably been a good experience for me because it makes me want to come back better. I just spent the last 3 weeks doing virtually nothing. Waking up, going to work, coming home, go to sleep. That was it for 3 weeks. Not fun. I literally never left to get anything and only filled my tank up with gas once. Aside from the doctors office, that was it. Once I’m able to run again I’m going to have to work hard to get myself back into shape. Basically I have to supergize my efforts to try to make up for my bad habits acquired while injured. I literally housed stacks of oreo’s, bags of cheese curls, and ate anything left over in the apartment. I feel like a total waste of a human being but starting today, that’s about to change.

You really take things for granted when you have them. Even stupid things like changing the light in my bathroom is a challenge that doesn’t get down when I can’t walk. The simplest tasks become undoable and I’m happy that finally over. Today I woke up and cleaned the bathroom. Later today I’m going to clean my room and feel like I made a fresh start. My body is in way worst shape now then when I was hurt. There’s a nerve in my right arm, right where I was crutching around, that goes off anytime I bend my arm back too far. My fingers feel like they have arthritis and I have this pimple on my nose that has been there for 3 weeks. I’ve run out of toothpaste and body wash so I’m finally able to go to the store and buy some more. The timing worked out well thankfully. My showering was way down over past weeks so hopefully that will pick up too. I feel reborn.

One good thing about the whole experience has been my poker playing. I took down another 12 dollar 180 man yesterday. I also made deep runs in a 114 buying (586 people, I took 20th) and a 55 dollar buy in (2600 people I got 175th). I’ve been saying it for weeks now that I’m due for a big cash so I think today is my day. I played all day yesterday and probably all day today. Even though I can walk, I still don’t want to do any additional damage to the leg. I can say that it’s been 3 full weeks and I’m still not fully healed. Even a super human like me takes a few weeks to heal from a break. First broken bone ever in my 27 years on Earth.