Everybody has their own weird things that they do which makes them unique. Sometimes these unique things make no sense at all and the normal people look at you funny. Who’s to say whats normal?

When people don’t like to finish the end of something. There will be one glass of soda left in a liter (of cola) and no one wants to be the person who finishes it because it makes you look greedy. The other thing could be that if it never gets finished, you never have to throw it out. These two things combined make lingering items. Personally, if I want something and I know it’s not mine but most likely no one would care if I had it, I go for it, no regrets.

When people are lurking around the parking lot looking for good spots up close. You can tell they just keep circling around like a pool of sharks waiting to be fed. Once I confirm that there are no spots available, I choose the best available and make do. When you do this, it also makes getting that A1 spot all the better. People are really this lazy.

I drink whole mile directly from the gallon. People have problems even understanding how other people like whole milk. 1 and 2% are just so watered down that it just has such a bland taste. I just chug it straight and I think it tastes great. Perfect for cereal because it blends the whole milk taste with whatever sugary byproduct is being released.

Evan (you have this coming by the way from the past comment) when you put dishes in the sink, you have to clean them off initially after you use them, then they go from the sink to the dishwasher. If you use the silverware and dishes, have them all dirty and grimy, let them sit for days, it makes it much harder to clear the muck from them. Plus you can’t put them directly into the dishwasher when they have hard muck on them because the dishwasher doesn’t clean them properly. This isn’t so much weird but if no one ever alerts you…

When people at the gym rest on the machine. I just really don’t understand the resting part of being on the machine. Ok you just did a set, now you have 5 minutes before you next set, get off the fucking machine. People just sit there, they stare, they sit, they wait. Naturally it’s always a machine I want to use so I just watch them and can’t confront them because I’d lose it and it would just turn nasty because I would have no kind way to approach them other then “dude you’ve been on the machine forever, shit or get off the pot.”

When people feel the need for exact change. If I have change in my pocket, I’ll try to make some simple math and get the least amount of change back. If I have enough time, I might try to get them exact change. If I’m in line, I’m not searching through my wallet to give them the amount to the penny. First off, I don’t carry change in my wallet. What is the point? I personally find change to be a burden. If it was up to me, eliminate pennies let’s round off everything to the five.

I get annoyed at people who wear head phones constantly. “I can’t be distracted by anyone and I love listening to my music so much that I’m going to isolate myself from the world and anyone who wants to talk to me is inconveniencing me by making me take off my headphones. Long rides, fine. Running, I don’t but it’s an individual thing. Ignoring the world, just take them off.

Something else that is really weird. If you have numbers in your password and then they appear on a license plate or in a phone number. I always feel like it’s some sort of a sign that I fate is bringing me to this position. Or it’s just a sick way of telling me I’m getting hacked.

I get this one sometimes at work. The person who doesn’t take no for an answer. When you tell them no, they just ask another question. When you tell them again they try more persuasion and then when you tell them goodbye they just keep talking until the phone hangs up. I guess I admire the persistence but honestly, when I tell you I have no need for what your selling, just let it be. You aren’t going to sell me if I don’t want it. I’m not weak willed and feel bad for you and buy (I did this once and it was the biggest mistake of my life).

For a quick change of subject about my life real quick. I ran 4 miles in 23:32 on a treadmill and felt pretty good. The 5 miler should be interesting because it’s going to be cold and when I was outside today, I would have dreaded running 5 miles as fast as I could in the cold. I also final tabled the 12 dollar 180 man twice in the past two days with an 8th place finish and a 4th. I haven’t been running all that well though and am sort of treading water and not getting anywhere. I finished the Soprano’s Season 1 and enjoyed it but was disappointed I don’t have any more episodes to watch. I also found the finale to be less then thrilling. Other than that I’m healthy and feel good about things.