So I made a drastic life change. When I take my socks off, I’m going to make sure I take them off right side up. I’m tired of getting my socks from the dryer and having them be inside out and then having to spend time making them right. I think that this will save me hours on end throughout my lifetime. Possibly even a couple of days.

There’s a good buying opportunity with MOBI at around 8 bucks a share. It jumped over 9 yesterday and even though I might hold off to see if it comes closer to 7, I think this is a good long term play. Sorry Jkash, it looks like Teva took a shit today even with profit doubling. I still expect the market to tank within the next 6 months because it’s just gone up so fast for no really good reasons. Unemployment is high, housing stinks, inflation concerns… I still like MOBI though because I think app use in China is going to peak, bad economy or good.

Also the manscaping part in Californication was hilarious. I personally have never nicked my nuts but it’s always a fear when doing so. I also think that they portray it as gay to trim your pubes but I’ve just never really understood that. The line “it looks like a tiny mushroom in a giant forest” was hilarious and who really wants that. Completely shaven makes you feel like a pre pubescent boy but a hair cut now and then is necessary.